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October 2008

So why don’t we all talk about it? What do you mean, what is it? That’s the point. We all know what it is. We’ve been worrying about it for weeks. We feel threatened, uncomfortable, undermined, doubtful of our own judgment. We value ourselves less. We feel unsure in talking to our spouses.

The future looks dark, for reasons we never remotely suspected just a few months ago. We are confronted with the unknown, which infiltrates our lives relentlessly. We listen to advice from the good and the great. Yesterday it seemed to make sense, but today their wisdom lies shattered in ruins.

People do talk about it occasionally, but behind their hands, muttering, sharing guarded thoughts only with a few trusted friends, hoping to be cast a lifebuoy of crucial information to stay afloat.

Why don’t we all talk about the financial crisis? Are we afraid, traumatized or ashamed? If so, we are doing ourselves unnecessary harm. Money – and the lack of it – can also bring us together. Let’s talk about this huge catastrophe. Let’s use this God-given opportunity to show true human solidarity, and make it all a bit easier.

Marcus Ferrar
Co-author Slovenia 1945

Every author in some way portrays himself in his works, even if it be against his will –

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